mudae wi na? saramdeul wal psycho!
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Namsong couple biased ~

Mino and Troops ^_^

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all up in the club like

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nam cutie

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Minho and Seunghoon are clearly obsessed with their maknae.

because our maknae is the best maknae

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Mino’s face when he accidentally hit BIGBANG’s crown lightstick on the floor  (●´艸`)

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Boxing techniques with Taehyun

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Taehyun's Chupa Chups


Taehyun’s Chupa Chups

Does anybody notice the giant Chupa Chups that Taehyun was holding at the airport? I found this HQ pic from unicomoda (the only Taehyun fansite that I signed up on because Mika’s Blame It On The Girls is played on loop there haha!)


Zoom in to the Chupa Chups and you can see a Taehyun sticker…


I thought it was familiar until I realized a Korean fan made this fanart from a local bunny character, don’t know the source but probably from DC Winner (the bunny is called Mashimaro and I never knew it was from Korea??? I thought it was from Japan all these years)


LOL the bunny has droopy eyebrows just like Taehyun.

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